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Auto Care & Maintenance Tips

Paint Protection Film - What Is It?

Everything you purchase, you seem to want to keep safe from harm. Whether it is screen protectors and cases for your phone, or sleeves for your laptop, you want to ensure it remains scratch and damage free for as long as it can survive. So why then, do people not care the same about their cars?

A Checklist For Your Auto Maintenance

Auto maintenance is the most important duty that a vehicle owner has. Any proud car owner can tell you that. If you want your car to live a long life and perform well, then you want to ensuring regular maintenance checks are key. Other than ensuring a lasting life for your vehicle...

How to Deal With an Overheating Car Engine

Vehicles today are designed with motors that produce powerful amounts of heat. Every time you drive your car, the radiator transfers heat from the engine using thermal heat exchange, which prevents the vehicle from overheating. But in order for a car radiator to function properly, it must have sufficient amounts of liquid coolant running through its core.

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Brake Pad Replacement: What Affects Brake Pads?

Above all, brake pads are mainly affected by heat and friction. To stop the car would require a caliper that has a strong enough device to clamp onto the brake disc or rotor. Friction causes wear on any surface because the two sides are rubbing against each other. Wearing out the surface of the brake pad could take away the compounds that assist with deceleration.

Automotive EBooks

eBooks Available For Immediate Download & Enjoyment!

Importing & Exporting

A new manual that gives you the insider secrets from interviews and information from exporters, shippers, foreign nationals...

Spray Paint Secrets

Now You Can Learn Professional Spray Painting & Body Work Repair In 2 Hours With Step-By-Step Complete Video Training...

Buying & Selling Cars

4 Ways To Make Money Buying And Selling Cars. I discovered the business of buying and selling used cars for profit over 20 years ago...

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